About - João Burini

The images you see here are taken out in the countryside of Brazil, mainly atlantic rainforest areas, for they are easily my favorite and more accessible ecosystem to be in, with great diversity, and always threatened.  When it comes to the Brazilian wildlife displayed internationally, the Amazon and Pantanal are most of the time the only places receiving  spotlights, with these Images I hope to bring some attention to the biodiversity that's still present in the southern atlantic forest as well. Despite having macrophotography as a main style, to this day I still do not own a true macro lens. Instead I have to dive into alternative methods such as lens reversal, close-up filters and extension tubes, I try to never get stuck in a technique so I'm constantly experimenting new ideas, specially when it comes to lighting.
Born in Brazil, nature has always been a big interest of mine since as a kid. The curiosity in photography came along as a teenager with an old webcam with a close focus that allowed me to photograph backyard bugs, and since then, both interests were joined in nature photography. With special interest in arthropods I later graduated as a biologist, which also happened to increase my knowledge about hem and opportunities to be out in the field.

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